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Camping is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

Not only is Summerland home to some of our favourite gravel riding, but we are excited to have the unique option of camping right where the rides start and finish. When you get to BASECAMP you can park the car and not worry about driving all weekend. Camping at the venue is a dream come true, this way we can enjoy ride stories from the day and a cold beer without the worries of having to drink and drive.

Please don't drink and drive!

Camping Costs

Camping is $10 per night per “unit.” That means if you’re sharing a tent with someone it’s still just $10 for as many of you as can fit in that tent, van, or RV. This is paid to the on-site caretaker by the campers directly and is CASH ONLY

Guests Welcome

Have a friend or partner who wants to come but isn't riding with us? They can join us with a visitor pass.


Visitor info on the FAQ page.


Staying at the Rodeo Grounds means there are washrooms on site and even a few showers.


Shower quick, save some hot water for your neighbours.

Potable Water

There are water sources on site.


We suggest bringing some drinking water with you to camp, just in the event of a boil water advisory or water shortage.

Camp Fires & Cooking

No wood fires, other than designated fire rings. Gas powered camp stoves and heaters are ok on site.


Be safe and if you are unsure just ask someone on site.

RV & Camper Info

Vans, trailers and RVs are welcome but there are no hookups.

This is dry camping. 

Please DO NOT dump any grey or black water on site!

We don't want any unwanted visitors at BASECAMP. Please assure your food is appropriately stored overnight and your site is clean to deter bears and other wildlife.